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Re: FT: Sa'Vasku for the FB -- REALLY LONG

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 22:04:43 -0500
Subject: Re: FT: Sa'Vasku for the FB -- REALLY LONG

Neat ideas Tom, but what I'm looking for is more of a bug race, aka
Starship Troopers but with bug space stations and bug space ships along
with all the other bugs.  But you're probably far closer to what may
become "official."

Sorry guys, but I can't get the idea of BioSpaceStations out of my
head.  I think I've figured out a neat way to scratch build one.  I have
the components, all I need is time to visit a friend of mine who has a
drill press...	But it has to have drones, because if they don't have
drones, there is no justification for the tri-cuspid valves I want to
paint on as detail...  


Thomas Anderson wrote:
> right, on to the rules effects.
> > Ships:
> males.
> >  Drones
> macrogametes.
> > capability, 25% of a bioship's power factors can be
> > replaced with drone storage.
> the male is in andrus, and much of its energy is devoted to
> production.
> > In campaign games, bioships regenerate damage at a rate of one box
> > current power factors per strategic turn.  Bioships never need
> > Bio ships are "grown."  Bioship grow at a rate of 10 mass per
> > turn.
> i imply that the timescales for growth are far, far longer than this,
> i admit that your way is better in game terms. otoh, a Sa'Vasku player
> was unable to grow new ships over the length of the campaign but who
> the option of withdrawing for a century or two would have to learn to
> think in a suitably alien way :-).
> >  Bioships with drone storage can carry cargo.
> not really, under my description. unless the macrogametes double as
> troops ...
> > BioSpaceStations:
> females.
> > upto 50% of thier power factors in drone storage.
> ah ... with my biology, sapce stations are females and cannot produce
> drones at all. hmm. perhaps the swarms of juveniles count as heavy
> fighters?
> also, i imply that Sa'Vasku are purely space-dwelling, and so they do
> have planetary colonists as such. or perhaps there is another, as yet
> undiscovered, life stage which lives dirtside; any xenobiologists out
> there who wish to publish some cutting-edge research?
> just my 2 umol.
> Tom

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