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Re: [FT] Evasion

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <schoon@a...>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 14:16:26 -0800
Subject: Re: [FT] Evasion

Thomas Barclay <> wrote:

>1. that presumes that evasion does not come with a penalty to fire
>that makes it undesireable in some circumstances. Then you would have
>two modes. Dodge and Shoot.

My thought is simply "keep it simple." If you don't mind the extra
then by all means.

>> My next point varies slightly depending on what you think the FT
scale is,
>> but given that beam weapons travel at - or near - the speed of light,
>> odds of moving a large vessel enough to make a difference are not
>Not necessarily so.

It depends on the scale you think one MU is. At larger scales, you are
correct. At smaller scales, the matter is open to debate.

>Okay, that assumes your firing solution, measured in ten-thousands of
>a minute of angle or degree such that it is tenous to begin with, is
>not badly disrupted by even a minimal manoevre. It may be.

I always pictured beams sweeping across a volume of space (ala Wrath of
Khan) as opposed to a single - or multiple - stabs. I can see it both

>Something to think of - lasers are lightspeed. Presumably so are
>sensors. Ergo any signal you get will be fractions to full seconds
>out of date. And then you beam has the same travel. So how far do you
>travel in seconds? Some distance. Therefore the manoevres may also
>have those seconds to take effect. Which may be enough to move your
>ship that km that makes the shot miss. I think there is a point.

I agree, but I would prefer to find a simple solution - not saying that

Perhaps if each ship calculated an evasion cost as part of the
process which was based on total mass and total thrust. This relation
keep abuse to a minimum, giving high thrust/low mass ships the ability
do something.

I would tend to lean towards a position where evading ships could not
but I'm sure that many would disagree on that point.


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