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RE: [FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

From: "Jared E Noble" <JNOBLE2@m...>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 10:45:41 -1000
Subject: RE: [FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

>One possible solution to the K'V hull problem, and keep in mind that
>is only off the top of my head...

Fair enough, let's give it a try...

>Let the K'V hull chart read somthing more like:
>Fragile - 10% of total Mass - Hull boxes=15% of Mass
>Weak - 20% of total Mass - Hull Boxes=30% of Mass
>Average - 30% of total Mass - Hull boxes=45% of Mass
>Strong - 40% of total Mass - Hull boxes=60% of Mass
>Super - 50% of total Mass - Hull boxes=75% of Mass

OK, that part looks pretty good.  Assuming I understand it correctly, KV
get half-again the number of Damage Points for a given mass dedicated to
hull - certainly makes them beefier.  I kind of like it - at least it is
relatively straight forward.

>Cost = 1.5 per Mass

BZZZ...WARNING!...WARNING!...Error Detected...WARNING! ;-)

OK, here's where I have a problem, again assuming I understand your
proposal. It seems to me that if 10% Mass gives 15% in Hull Boxes, and 1
Mass of Hull boxes costs 1.5 points, that means 1 Hull box costs 1
Is that a correct understanding?

Alternatively, you may mean that instead of buying the basic hull for 1
per total mass, you buy it for 1.5 per total mass, and that the cost for
Hull integrity remains unchanged.  I'll examine this one second (it only
occured to me halfway through this post.)

Let's continue assuming my first interpretation was correct:

=====  Interpretaion 1 =====
Mass 100 Human Ship - Avg Hull
30% Mass (30 Mass total) yields 30 Hull Boxes for 60 pts

Mass 100 Kra'Vak Ship - Weak Hull
20% Mass (20 Mass total) yields 30 Hull Boxes for 30 pts

Mass 100 Kra'vak Ship - Avg Hull
30% Mass (30 Mass Total) yields 45 Hull boxes for 45 pts

Now lets look at those numbers.  If you want to design your Mass 100
to have 30 damage boxes -i.e. be as strong as the 'Average' human ship,
only does the hull for the Kra'vak mass only 2/3 as much, it's half the
price! I think it's cool if you want to make the Hull more compact - but
please make it more expensive in that case!

=====  Interpretation 2 =====
Note that for this interpretation in one small way.  In these calcs
Hull Integrity does not cost 2 points per Mass spent, but rather 2
per hull box.

Mass 100 Human avg hull
30 Mass / 30 Hull boxes / 60 points + 100 basic hull = 160

Mass 100 Kra'vak weak hull
20 Mass / 30 Hull boxes / 60 points +150 basic hull = 210

Mass 100 Kra'vak avg hull
30 Mass / 45 hull boxes / 90 points +150 basic hull = 240

That looks a little better - can't say if it is balanced exactly, but it
certainly feels like it's going in the right direction.  Compare average
hulls between the 2. The Kra'vak ship has 50% more hull boxes at the
Mass, which costs 50%. If anything it should be a little more expensive.

My rough estimates would suggest that this would change the Average
price/Mass of a Kra'vak ship over 4, whereas human ships seem to hover
right around 3 1/3 per Mass.  Since the Kra'vak will be tougher at a
size, and probably more maneuverable, this is a good thing.

>You might up the cost to two and give them an amount of "free" armor
>the hull as well.

I'd say no.  If you want to make armor for the KV progress at the same
of 1 Mass = 1.5 armor points while costing 2-3 pts per Point of armor,
- but please leave out the freebies.


Looks good


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