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Re: GMS Fire control

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 09:43:17 -0500
Subject: Re: GMS Fire control

My $0.02...

>How many of you think GMS firecontrol is
>1) a product of the round (ie, the same launcher can fire GMS 
>enhanced and GMS superior since the intelligence is in the round - 
>goes with fire and forget I'd guess) therefore the launcher can be 

I'm for this one - we are moving toward this technology wise anyway -
at the Javelin system now being fielded by the US.  The launcher does
sensors, but the missile itself once fired does its own guidance.  I
that will just get better in the future - until the launcher is a simple
device what just acts as an interface between the operator and the
electronics.  In a future of high-tech helmets with HUD's, etc, the
launcher may not even need a viewfinder, 'cause images would be
onto the inside of the users' visor.

Problem - if the EW tech of the enemy is greater than your ability to
resist it, maybe they'll be able to screw up these missiles even before
they're fired.	SO, you might incorporate a "low tech" manual guidance
system into the launcher (much miniaturized over today's, of course), so
the soldiers know the enemy is spoofing their "smart" systems, they can
turn it on "dumb" mode and guide the missiles themselves.  Of course,
accuracy will suffer and likelyhood of return fire hurting the gunner
increase, but at least systems would keep operating...

Game Effect:  You get enhanced or superior guidance for your missiles,
EW equipped enemy can attempt to jam missile systems (their EW vs. your
guidance) - if they do, you only get basic fire control...

>1 seems to leave open the idea of having one GMS system (GMS/L for 
>example) that can have varying missile qualities and varies the 
>firecontrol used against various targets (ie it can fire ground, 
>anti-air, and multi role rounds from the same launcher). 

I really like the idea of a single launcher being able to fire different
types of targets.  The warheads/seeker system could be interchangable
common rocket motor, guidance fins, etc.), and you just attach an
warhead or anti-aircraft warhead prior to launching.  

Game Effect:  You determine how many of each type of system your gunners
are carrying prior to the game.  For example, operators of GMS/P systems
SG2 presently carry (commonly) only 3 missiles.  You could say they have
three rockets, but five warheads - three anti-armour and two anti-air.
This gives the grunts a chance to shoot back with guided missile fire at
aircraft units.

FYI:  I've heard of development efforts toward this kind of system in
life" anyway - so it isn't too far off.  The Canadian military deploys a
system called ADATS, which is a guided missile weapon designed for both
anti-armour and anti-air use.  I believe it has a scanning radar for
initial target aquisition (in anti-air mode) but uses a laser for actual
targeting when the missiles fire, even in the anti-air role.  My
cousin is a Warrent Officer in the Regiment that operates these things,
we heard that in a recent deployment with the US Marines, the ADATS
was able to shoot down things like cruise missiles, etc.  The range on
system is between local air defence like the Stinger and long-range air
defence like the Patriot, and they are mounted on armoured vehicles. 
US was one of the original development partners of the system, but they
backed out years ago.  I think the Marines want to get it, because it
a real gap in US air defense.  It kicks ass on tanks, too...


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