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Re: Infantry Walkers!

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 12:47:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Infantry Walkers!

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Kenneth Winland wrote:

>	What do people think about infantry walkers?
>	I love 'em.  They have that "sci-fi" feel to them, they can be
> moderately well armed, and they have a good deal of mobility.  True,
> don't have much in the way of armour, but they are cheaper than a tank
> (well, in theory).  Nice close infantry support...

In DS2, I use Size 1 Walkers as heavy weapons support for my Powered
Armour. They can drop in from orbit with the PA, and provide GMS/H &
support than is much appreciated at times.

>	We use the plethora of Heavy Gear figs to represent infantry
> walkers, with different ranges asigned to different
> nationalities/polities.  The larger Mammoths and Nagas also make for
> size 3-5 combat walkers.

Haven't tried Walkers in SG2. 
>	However, not everyone in our group shares my enthusiasm.  A few
> us really do not think that they are worth it, due to their low armour
> rating.  They would prefer powered armour or APCs.  A number of
> walkers DO get slagged in our games, primarily due to the number of
> and GMS/Ps out there.  All of our games are rough on vehicles.
>	What do other people think?  Do you find them worthwhile?

Low armour values? They have (AFAIK) the same armour rules as any
- so any light vehicle would be as vulnerable, or nearly. I run a light
tank in SG2, Size/Armour tends to die as well. Sg2 is rough on

In DS2, my Walker arm tends to take ridiculous casualties in every
operation. I generally figure that 3/4 of them will die everytime they
drop in...but while they're alive, they provide valuable fire support,
diversions for the PA to get down to the real work.

>	I know Owen Glover posted a scenario some time back, with a
> of size 1 and 2 infantry walkers ambushing a column of infantry and
> vehicles.  I would LOVE to try that.

Missed that one. Is it webified anywhere?

>	On an ancillary note; how do you all find vehicles in SGII?  Do
> they have a high survival rate on table?

Depends. My Size 4 IFVs either die horribly or cut infantry to bits, in
about equal proportions. Killing the GMS/L trooper in your target squad
with the first firing action certainly helps...Having an entire PA squad
volley IAVRs at you really hurts...
>	I am just starting to paint up a bunch of walkers for DSII, so I
> have yet to find out their value in that scale.  I think that they
have a
> theory.

Orbital drop troop support. Only vehicles that can do orbital drops
with PA.

My PA companies have the following TO&E:

3 plts PA, each with 4 PA rifle teams & 1 PA GMS/L ENH team.

2 plts 'Ursus' Size 1 infantry walkers, ea w/ 2 MDC/2 equipped & 1 GMS/H
ENH equipped walkers.

1 PA rifle team, Coy. Commander.

1 PA Forward Observer team.(for Ortillery & the coy. mortars)

3 PA infatry mortar teams.

Powerful, flexible companies, I've found. The Walkers are a vital,
fragile, part of the force.

(and I'll shortly have enough figs to run a _battalion_ (3 coy.) of the

Brian (

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