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RE: 25mm Grav Bikes and Rules

From: Kenneth Winland <kwinland@c...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:28:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: 25mm Grav Bikes and Rules


On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Brian Burger wrote:

> We've had people quoting Tom Clancy as a source recently. I think we
> survive the quoting of Hollyweird. (sorry, it's late...)


> I'm an egocentric type, but I prefer my original idea: first
> movement but no fire. After that, they bail & hug dirt like normal
> infantry. You can only get one suppression every time someone fires at
> you, so collecting more than one indicates either several squads
> up on you or a squad getting two turns or more uninterrupted firing at
> you. God knows I'd crash-stop my bike (or my horse, to use the
> example) and hunker down. You may have a fast bike, but bullets are
> say nothing of laser beams or fusion bolts...

	This is a pretty good rule.  Someone else suggested that mounted
squads make a test role each time they receive a suppresion; if they
no suppression, if they fail, they get a suppression and must dismount.

	We've started using mounted infantry and grav bike troops over
last few months, but not enough to really get a feel for these proposed
rules.	We'll try both.  In the past, either a squad is smart enough to
NOT be shot at while mounted, or they get hit while mounted and hosed
to a man...  (My poor Boer irregulars...)



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