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Re: Assault Breaker system [SG2] [DS2]

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:06:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Assault Breaker system [SG2] [DS2]


AT artillery could be of several types:

Cluster Munitions - covering area with bomblets, in the 2xd12 damage
 You could always just say they use more powerful explosives, and use
3xd12...  it's a game, right??

Guided single rounds - artillery shell is lobbed into the area where
may be found.  AI in shell scans using radar and thermal imaging, picks
target, and shell is guided in, with terminal rocket assist for extra
penetration.  A present day 105mm or 155mm artillery shell, or 120mm
nuke a tank if it lands on the top deck - though this is extremely
because of accuracy issues.  If you have guided munitions with
and rocket assist in addition to the explosive warhead, the tank is
toast -
accurately.  And you can justify using 3 or 4xd12 damage.  Guided mortar
rounds exist now, and I think guided artillery rounds exist too.

In game terms, guided artillery could be treated like a direct fire
say from a missile.  He gets jamming/ECM if he has them, you get a
system roll.  Limit it by saying you need to spot from an observer or
something.  Maybe have the system be affected by EW, so if the target
has an EW trooper, they can jam the guidance system???	 How about
laser designated artillery - you have a model on your side with a laser
designator (like the New Anglian trooper kneeling with one), and if you
designate the tank (successfully "hit" it getting "a lock") you then can
fire artillery shells that are guided the same way air dropped laser
bombs are.  The USAF supposedly had some success killing Iraqi tanks
750lb laser guided bombs dropped from F16's during the Gulf War - this
the same principle.

I read about the "tungsten rods dropped from orbit" idea sometime in the
past as well.  It was supposed to be for taking out battalions or
at a time though, and the rods were not guided at each vehicle, only to
area on the battlefield.  There would be enough kinetic energy being
converted to heat that tanks would melt, troops would vapourize, etc
Would require a BIG lifting rocket, though, to get the thing into orbit.
If I remember correctly, the rods were 6 feet long (?) and had a basic
guidance system with fins on the back end.  I think this idea would be
applicable to DS than SG - on the SG scale it would destroy the entire


>I recall reading about (in GDWs stuff) a US system called Assault 
>Breaker which was a theatre level system deployed against massed 
>armour and mechanized infantry assaults to destroy the AFVs. I can't 
>remember if it was rockets or arty, but it was supposedly 
>devastating. Now, given that my MBT can now have a top armour of 3-5 
>in SG2 terms (which translates to 3d12 to 5d12 for amour roll) and AT 
>artillery attacks at 2xd12 for Impact, I'm thinking that some larger 
>nastier form of AT artillery would be deployed so as to make such 
>arty a viable threat to things larger than a size 2 APC. 
>Anyone have any suggestions for alternate (and perhaps more deadly) 
>area or theatre based anti-armour systems? Specifically those 
>deployed by air, arty or rocket launcher?

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