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[DS2] Vehicle Design Application

From: Kevin Walker <sage@m...>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 10:32:51 -0600
Subject: [DS2] Vehicle Design Application

I still have messages from this list awaiting my scanning and perusal.	
One thing I've needed to do for a while is let the list know that a 
Vehicle Design application I originally wrote in conjunction with K.R. 
and Geo-Hex will soon be available.

Originally this application was intended as part of a CD-ROM but that 
fell through due to costs.  Since I don't have the time (or energy) to
this the standard way my intentions are to provide the application via 
some the internet (via email distribution with possible access *maybe* 
also allowed by means of a web page).

Currently "DS2 Designer" is only available on the MacOS platform (I can 
hear the groans already).  I intend to code a version for the Win32 
platform early next year (got to get refamiliarize with MFC somehow).  
BTW, if anyone has some platform comments they must relay to someone
them to me personally as we don't need another platform debate on this 

My intentions are to provide this as shareware with a price tag of 
approximately $10 US.  The version that goes out will be the full blown 
application.  I'll be depending upon people's honesty on this one (crazy

ain't I).

I hope the fine individuals that comprise the membership of this list 
don't take offense over my intentions to ask for a modest fee on this 
software.  Over 200 hours of designing, coding, testing and email 
correspondence with various individuals on this list in direct 
correlation with developing this application.

I'll be happy to provide the file formats (all text based) to anyone who

asks - that is once the year is over (see below for details).  If there 
is an interest by the list at large I can go into some more of the 

As always, please feel free to contact me on this matter for any reason.
I've got a very restricted schedule until the end of the year (first
purchase, a wedding coming up next year, a musical I'm in that runs till

around Christmas, etc...) so it may take several days to reply to any 
email on this matter).


Kevin Walker			 Mac Developer / Software Engineer
Rochester  MN  USA		 WAM!NET

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