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From: "Michael Blair" <amfortas@h...>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 01:29:06 PST
Subject: Supertank?

I have a copy of Peter Gudgin's Armour 2000 (by Arms & Armour Press, 
1990, ISBN 1-85409-044-5) in which he examines the near future evolution

of the tank. It, like all of the 2000 books (Artillery, Sea Power and 
Air Power) is very good and very useful to serious wargamers whether 
present day or science fiction.
He makes two comments of particular interest to us:
1. Future APCs and other tracked battlefield vehicles should share as 
many parts as possible with the MBT to simplify maintenance and reduce 
overall costs (compare and contrast with Germany in WW II as an example 
of how not to do it). If, instead of making 100 tanks, 200 APCs and 200 
other tracks you build all 500 on a common chassis and drive train you 
can now afford 600 of them.
2. Future tanks will be lighter and smaller, using a remote turret to 
reduce their silhouette, the autoloader also allowing a reduction in 

The first point makes good sense to me though I am less sure of the 

Israeli APC
In the newsletter of the Near Future Study Group, an offshoot of the 
Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (I think) they mentioned a new 
Israeli APC, converted from captured T-?? Tanks (cannot remember which).

They removed the turret and made other changes. The passengers exited 
through the rear and the vehicle carried only an MG for self-defense, 
this prevented heroics on the part of the crew and it had the panzers to

protect it and it carried the infantry to protect the panzers.
This brings me to another question, how sensible are IFVs, surely they 
are there to get the infantry to where they are needed, not to fight 
with the troops on board and to stay away from hostile panzers. I 
realize that TOW etc. gives them a good stand off punch to supplement 
the panzers' guns but will they survive long enough to use them?

		 Michael R. Blair

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