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Re: GEV capabilities, was RE:Tank Riders {SG2]

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 13:04:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: GEV capabilities, was RE:Tank Riders {SG2]

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Thomas Anderson wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Ground Zero Games wrote:
> > >> Having a ride on a vehical would extend the powered armor suit's
> > >> operational time, and wouldn't use up those flight packs...
> > >certianly true. there is a technology called Helicopter In Flight
> > >Refuelling (HIFR) whereby naval helos can be refuelled in flight
via a
> > >pipe from a ship. i suppose Powersuit In Ride Recharging isn't out
of the
> > >question? not only do tanks have telephones on the back (well,
these days
> > >it will be an optical fibre jack) but power sockets as well.
> > This could be used to increase the PA's power endurance, but you've
> > also got to consider the wearer's food,
> you can pipe soup through the hookup too. possibly some stews (if a
> large-bore pipe), porridge, very small meatballs, mince, fine noodles,
> a host of other one-dimensional and liquid foodstuffs.

The ESU would be a bit out of luck - you couldn't run borscht through a

More likely (but less interesting) would be some sort of "Complete
Nutrient Paste" or similar - tasteless, unappetizing mush that
nevertheless has all the carbs/protein/minerals/etc you need to keep

 > > water
> readily pipable (tank commander to quartermaster: "ok, i'll take 40
> rounds of APFSKADS, 20 of HEF and ten EMPs, and give me another box of
> rounds for the APSW. oh, and you'd better refill the ginger beer,
> in for a big combined-arms op.").

ESU: "Ve must haf vodka. Those damn infantry haf drunk all our tank's
vodka". The FSE: "Quartermaster, put zee good wine in, not this colonial
slop!" The ex-Brit NAC units, when operating in tropical enviroments,
gin & tonic...

(no more silly stereotypes, I promise!)

> > and air requirements
> also pipable. ("yeah, and my infantry liason says his squad is getting
> up with Mountain Glade - change the air-freshener in the PIRR unit,
> you?").
> > (OK, you
> > can go without the former two for a little while after your suit
> > runs out, and the  latter can be recycled) and being able to empty
> > sanitation tanks etc.... :)
> i don't know that sanitation tanks would be that hard to empty if
> designed. some sort of postprocessing to reduce all waste to liquids,
> pump it into disposable plastic sacs along with a polymer, so it sets
> rigid, easy-to-handle Human Waste Modules. same size as IAVR warhead
> use in last-ditch defences.

The nutrient paste I mentioned above would probably be designed to be
low-bulk, so as to limit output of, well, solid wastes. I understand
NASA uses low-bulk food for the shuttle crews, for the same reason.

> the link from tank to grunt will probably carry power, data, air and
> water; there could be another, larger, pipe to hook up to an ifv or a
> Combat Quartermaster Convenience Vehicle to carry over food. you could
> also send a little robot through to give the wearer a wash and shave,
> they use for welding the inside of gas pipelines. remeber: engineers
> know when to stop.

...but accountants can't bear to start.

More likely, punishment detail in Quartermaster/Logistics units would
consist of being tasked to help the PA out of the suits they've been
living in for the past two weeks of combat ops...BioHazard warnings
be posted downwind of the de-suiting area...You'd need more than the
'mountain glade' air freshener to help you then.

Actually, there's a great throwaway line by the hero of Heinlein's
Starship Troopers, "If I could find a suit that would scratch my nose
me, I'd marry it!" or words to that effect. The guys who show the PA
troopers where the showers are after an op won't have to buy their own
beer in PA bars, ever...

 > Tom
> "all i ask for is power armour and a star to jog by"
"...but I'll settle for a target downrange and a really big DFFG to blow
it up with" :)

Brian (
-- --DS2/SG2/games

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