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Re: [FT][DS][SG] Interface

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:41:21 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT][DS][SG] Interface spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> There has been some discussion on the list recently about the
> between Full Thrust
> and Dirtside II. With the changes in the FB this interface needs a
> rework. The
> following are some suggestions on how to modify the interface in MT to
> bring it in line with
> the FB.

Good idea. 
> 2. The primary conversion factor in the MT interface to DS2 is the
> mass/cargo space ratio.
> In MT this is 1 MASS = 50 CS.
> If 1 FB mass = 2.5 FT mass then:
> 1 FB MASS = 50/2.5 = 20 CS

Okay. I'll buy that. 
> 4. The other factor required in the interface is "How many CS can a
> dropship of given mass
> carry?"
> In MT it states that it takes 1 MASS to transport 10 CS from orbit to
> surface. This means
> that to transport 50 CS would require a drop ship of 5 MASS. Put
> way, dropship
> efficiency is 20%. This ratio should also be background dependent
>  it doesn't say so
> in MT).
> For use with FB designs, I would suggest that dropship efficiency be
> increased to 25%. A
> MASS 5 dropship can now transport 25 CS - room for 2 size 3 vehicles
or a
> leg platoon of 24
> men - a standard "platoon lander"
> The Assault Transport shown on  FB p42 therefore has a troop capacity
of 32
>  * 20 = 640 CS
> and has 4 MASS 5 platoon landers.  This ship can comfortably carry a
> mechanised infantry
> company complete with its vehicles and stores.

Hmm. Probably not stores for that long of a period if some of what 
I'm led to believe by our resident logistics folk are true.  

> As an aside, please note DS2 Capacity points (CP) and FT Cargo Spaces
> are NOT the same
> thing:
> A Size 3 vehicle requires 12 CS but has 15 CP. Therefore 1 CS = 1.25

But wait! (This might be SG2, but I think it is DS2 as well) It says 
our Size 3 vehicle takes 24 CPs to be carried inside another vehicle 
(size *8). So if it takes twelve Cargo Spaces, then the ratio works 
out to 2 CPs per CS which is more palitable than a fractional result. 

If I've misread, please correct me. 

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