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From: "Tron" <cyberdruss@c...>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 03:52:11 -0000

Anyone want to play this out as a Play By Email campaign ?
The Standard set-up for this is NAC Vs ESU, but in the interests of an
life, I'm happy to run a game for two willing and enthusiastic players
whatever their preference for play.   The following may be of interest.

I intend to run this using the Fleet Book as the basis for all ships
Campaign turns would be played at least once  a week - when fleets meet
game would shift into battle mode - the battle/ battles would be
resolved by
Email at a speed of one to two turns a week, depending on life the
and everything. All battles would  be played out simultaneously until
resolution at which point the game would revert back to campaign mode.

FB designs can be converted to non FTL versions for system defence
Any ships so converted can deviate from FB designs by 10% - the FTL
are gone.

FTL ships may include up to one noted variant  if noted in the ship's

If you're interested, Email me at with details of :

1: If you'd prefer the attacking role in an 'Historical' game (ESU)

2: If you'd prefer defensive role in an 'Historical' game (NAC)

3: You don't mind whether you attack or defend

4:  Which Major power you wish to play if not an 'Historical' game.

In the unlikely event that I get swamped with players, a ready made
list for your Attack/Defence role would earn big brownie points.


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