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RE: A sad(?) announcement

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 23:07:23 +0000
Subject: RE: A sad(?) announcement

>>Isn't the 'other list' the playtester's list? One, the 'regular list',
>>keep going at Bolton and the other can't?
>>Now, exactly how DOES one get on the playtest list? ;->=
>You have to be invited. It was on Jon Tuffley's say so but he seems to
>disappeared. TBH there has been no traffic on the playtest list for
quite a
>while. It peaked when we were testing the Fleet Boook and has petered

No, I haven't disappeared! The test list only perks up when something
is posted to it, which hasn't been the case for a few weeks due to
of other things, though there is some FMA/FMC stuff kicking around that
there hasn't been much response to yet - guess everyone is digesting it
hopefully trying it out before responding!
The test list has been kept strictly invitation only, mainly to keep it
focussed and relevant and to keep the amount of feedback manageable -
many people on it simply results in information overload and a bad
signal-to-noise ratio. There are only a couple of dozen members on the
list, including a few who are not on the main FTGZG list anyway.
>>And, oh yeah, good luck at your new post, Jon!

A resounding "ditto" to this - you've done a great job, Jon, especially
seeing the sad circumstances in which you got the list dropped in your
Many thanks for it all.

Jon (GZG)
>You're all very kind.
>			TTFN
>				Jon

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