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RE: A sad(?) announcement

From: Jonathan White <jw4@b...>
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 20:42:12 +0000
Subject: RE: A sad(?) announcement

>Isn't the 'other list' the playtester's list? One, the 'regular list',
>keep going at Bolton and the other can't?
That is correct. The main list is on one of the main BI computers and,
not officially sanctioned it is at least sort of tolerated. The playtest
list is on one of the servers in my department and *isn't* remotely
administerable so I'm afraid that will have to be transferred somewhere

>Jon, I'm a little confused, as are apparently others. Are you saying
>the list can continue passing through Bolton, just that you need
someone to
>filter/admin the list? Could someone, that you trust, of course, could
>it from outside the UK? I'm assuming you're talking about an e-mail
flow of
>error msgs.
The whole thing can be done via email. It's more a question of volume of
error messages than anything else. BI sysops have said that they are
willing to let the lists stay on the condition that they continue to be
properly administered - runaway lists full of errors and spam they don't

>The university pays for my e-mail; people like myself have no trouble
>a moderate flow of mail, but we would have trouble hosting new
>Now, exactly how DOES one get on the playtest list? ;->=
You have to be invited. It was on Jon Tuffley's say so but he seems to
disappeared. TBH there has been no traffic on the playtest list for
quite a
while. It peaked when we were testing the Fleet Boook and has petered
>And, oh yeah, good luck at your new post, Jon!
You're all very kind.

"Information doesn't want to be free, it wants to be liberated and
Jonathan White, Psychology Section, Bolton Institute
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