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RE: A sad(?) announcement

From: devans@u...
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 13:24:03 -0600
Subject: RE: A sad(?) announcement


***What is the 'other' list? I assume the one on the bolton server.

As for alternatives there are lashing of free email list and forums
up for grabs - just need to get organised and find the most appropriate
platform. I think people would prefer a mail list server if anyone
has one with the capacity and the time to run it.

I'd like to thank JW for his years of sterling efforts

tim jones***

Isn't the 'other list' the playtester's list? One, the 'regular list',
keep going at Bolton and the other can't?

Jon, I'm a little confused, as are apparently others. Are you saying
the list can continue passing through Bolton, just that you need someone
filter/admin the list? Could someone, that you trust, of course, could
it from outside the UK? I'm assuming you're talking about an e-mail flow
error msgs.

The university pays for my e-mail; people like myself have no trouble
a moderate flow of mail, but we would have trouble hosting new software.

Now, exactly how DOES one get on the playtest list? ;->=

And, oh yeah, good luck at your new post, Jon!


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