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[FT] Kra'Vak AAR of Adler Tag

From: "Wasserman, Kurt" <wasku01@m...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 09:56:22 -0500
Subject: [FT] Kra'Vak AAR of Adler Tag

After weeks of translation....	<G>

Photo Recon is available at:


(From the translated logs of K'zirt, 4th Rank Commander)

After gaining some initial sensor data, the fleet was ordered into
1st Commander In'har kept the fleet together but ordered my squadron, my
Ti'Dak and 2 Vo'bok hunters, into a wider arc to engage the weaker
flank.	The main part of the fleet was to cluster together as it proved
effective in defeating the missile salvoes of previous encounters.  Our
initial confrontation proved this point as none of their missiles found

3 tu'runs into the conflict, we had crippled one of the opposing battle
cruisers with repeated railgun attacks.  We lost 1 Vo'bok to a
malfunctioning power core that exploded when struck by enemy fire. 
my flagship was struck a lucky blow to the command center.  The beam
of the Hu'mans cut deeply and severed all intership and intraship
communications.  I had to spend precious time relocating to auxiliary
control.  My Vo'boks effectively screened us as we drifted.  They scored
again and again with their railguns, crippling one of the Hu'man

Meanwhile, the heart of the fleet was engaging the four Hu'man
Superdreadnoughts.  By positioning our fleet the way he did, In'har was
to concentrate fire on the Hu'man capital ships, one at a time.  1st
Commander In'har directed all fire on what we believed to be the
flagship of
their fleet.  After doing a significant amount of damage, he shifted
fire to
a second of the huge ships.  Strangely, the crippling damage to their
flagship did nothing to the Hu'man morale.  Surely they saw that their
was useless and they still did not surrender.  The second Human SD was
crippled and still they fought on.  1st Commander In'har then ordered
fleet into Slay as it seemed that the Hu'mans simply did not think as we
Destroying them utterly is the only course of action.

At this time, we were also confronting the Hu'man killercraft.	We were
seriously outnumbered on this level of the conflict and our own
were unable to strike.	Instead, they were ordered into Protect and
to our own Yu'kas class Superdreadnoughts.  At this time, the Hu'man
missiles found their mark and a coordinated attack by both killercraft
missiles wrought horrible damage on the heart of our fleet.  Our
completely destroyed 4 full attack groups of enemy killercraft and did
serious damage to the remainder.  However, the missiles kept coming.

After 4 tu'runs, the mighty Yu'kas under 2nd Commander Ta'sin was
destroyed by the Hu'man attack wave.  There was no time for them to even
signal their doom.  One moment they were there, and the next they were
I have never seen such a thing.  More distressing than this was the
crippling of our own flagship.	1st Commander In'har was slain as the
missiles destroyed the Flag Bridge, Auxiliary Control, Life Support and
Engine room.  3rd Commander Ti'ree took command of the fleet and, in his
fury, completely destroyed the crippled Hu'man SD and crippled 2 others.
The coordinated Railgun fire tore through their hulls even as a second
of missiles and killercraft came in.

The Hu'mans have also developed a horrible new device that allows for
craft to remain unseen by our scanners.  They seem to be ahead of our
Science Clan in this area.  They mounted cloaking devices on small ships
that carried more of their missiles.  Using this cloaking technology,
were able to launch missile strikes from behind our main fleet and
more damage upon us.  Several of our Ti'daks took severe damage and
attempted to withdraw but were hunted down by the remaining enemy
killercraft.  The fleet was ordered into Flee and those ships that were
capable moved to disengage.  Those that could not follow bravely held
the Hu'man ships and another of their SDs was destroyed.  During this
3rd Commander Ti'ree and his ship were lost as the last of the enemy
killercraft concentrated on him.  His last act as commander was to
the pleas of our own killercraft pilots who were screaming for
Thus released, they made straight for the Hu'man fleet, using their last
moments of life to strike at the enemy.  

With me now in charge, I gathered what was left of our fleet and warped
Only five of our ships made it out but we carry back crucial information
about Hu'man tactics and technology.  

My recommendations and observations to our Science Clan are as follows:
1) Cloaking and anti-Cloaking devices.	If we can not cloak, we must at
least be able to penetrate theirs
2) Extended Point Defense.  If we had available scatterguns that could
support another ship, we would not have fallen prey to the Hu'man
so easily.  Several ships had no choice but to watch as their brothers
3) Upgrading our existing scatterguns to allow for reloading during
They proved very effective but very short-lived as well.

My recommendations and observations to our War Leaders are as follows:
1) Increase the use and production of killercraft.  If only to screen
capital ships.	They proved vital but, in the end, futile due to being
horribly outnumbered.
2) A change of doctrine is needed.  Confront is no longer a viable
Slay is the only course that can be followed when fighting the Hu'mans.
They do not follow our ways and we can not think that they would
to us.
3) Close maneuvering has served us well in defeating initial waves of
Hu'man missiles.  However, we must be able to lend support between
Scatterguns should be reserved for Point Defense use and not as a ship
ship weapon.  
4) Targeting priority should be changed to destroy the missile capable
as soon as they are detected.  The missile salvoes are much more deadly
their beam weapons.

4th Commander K'zirt

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