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Re: New Interesting Tech [SG2] or [OT]

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 17:02:18 -0500
Subject: Re: New Interesting Tech [SG2] or [OT]

Thomas spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

Of course it is being tested in an army hospital .... (I'll bet the 
patients have less rights.....)

I agree with you about PA, but I think line infantry will still have 
to do interventions. Especially given the variety of battlefield 
systems they will be facing. 

> On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Thomas Barclay wrote:
> > What is it? Bandage impregnated with human clotting factors.
> > They are working on a foam for deeper wounds. 
> or just impregnate a layer in his clothes. or weave micropipes into
> long johns and shirt, and when he gets hit, pump in clotters,
> painkillers, etc, so they spill out of the torn tubules where he was
> and apply themselves to the wound. i see PA having serious automedical
> capabilities ("WARNING! serious trauma to left leg detected! prepare
> separation! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! <ka-CHUNG!> leg detatched and wound sealed!
> this has been an AutoMedSys intervention: have a nice day!"). medics
> still there, but i think a lot of low-level stuff may be automated.
> this is an interesting case of an inverse spinoff; we are often told
> the civiliian benefits of nasa and defence research spending, but here
> military are benefitting from technology developed for the zealous
> health-conscious american market. viva la capitalisma!
> Tom
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