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Re: SG2 vehicles (was Re: Full Thrust...)

From: Kenneth Winland <kwinland@c...>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 14:48:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: SG2 vehicles (was Re: Full Thrust...)


On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Brian Burger wrote:

> > I've been creating some roughly 25mm sci-fi vehicles for Stargrunt
and 2300 AD
> > by kit bashing Hot Wheels, friction toys and model kits. We all know
how few
> > and far between white metal vehicles in that scale are (not to
mention how
> > d****d expensive they are). A 99 cent (US) friction toy tank has
been changed
> > into a hover fighting vehicel.

	They are so cheap that you laugh.... Until you kitbash them.  It
is amazing how toys look with some modifications and a good paint job!

> I've done roughly the same thing to four Roco Minitanks Marders and an
> Airfix Scorpion light tank. The tracks come off, hover skirts are
added -
> I use air-drying clay. the Marders make big (size 4) IFVs - 12

	That Roco stuff is a tad small for 25mm gaming.  An Abrams looks
like a Size 1 or 2 vehicle next to a GZG mini... :)

> What scale would be suitable for 25mm gaming? 1/48 or 1/35 or...?

	Something roughly 1/48 should be fine.	A lot of companies are
doing WWII in 25mm now, so there are a plethora of vehicles from that
in scale.  Although they are a minght bit expensive...

> Very cool. I'm looking for some APCs for the rest of my company. The
> Minitank Marders are very nice, but a bit expensive for me to want to
> another eight or ten of them...I'll have a look thru the Hotwheels
> at a toy store sometime, and see what I can see.

	It sounds like it is time for me to make a trip to Toys 'R Us.

> there's even less Science Fiction vehicles in 15mm scale than in 25, I
> think...Irregular makes some, but Irreg's quality is quite low often,
> their styling odd - I've got some of their 'star marines' in 15mm.
> Tabletop Miniatures makes half a dozen different vehicles, but I
> ordered any of their stuff yet. Aside from those two, 15mm SG2 players
> SOL. GZG had, 8 or 10 years ago, a couple of vehicles. I only know
> because a friend has some catalogs of Jon's from that long ago - those
> vehicles are, I think, long out of production. (Jon, that's correct,
> right?)
> Anyone else know of any other sources of 15mm vehicles for SciFi?
> WW2 and moderns ranges in 15, which could be modified, but what else?

	Ahhhh, you are using Roco tanks for 15mm....  That makes sense.
The last big range of 15mm SF vehicles that I saw was the Traveller
from Martian Metals back in '81.  Oh, well...


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