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From: "cgray" <cgray@i...>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 20:09:48 -0800
Subject: hello

I have been a player of sci fi games for quite sometime I just was
introduced to Full Thrust I have a  couple of questions if anybody would
enlighten me :)

when using the original rules for movement It goes

and if it does then if someone plots revers acceleration do they effect
drift of THAT turn or is it the next or...something else entirely

why build big ships ?? I have been decimating the other players with
20 and 30 ton vessels armed with SML and ER missles or just loaded with
fighter bays ?? at about 100 per ships I get about 8 for every large
they bring in so I hit them with either 8 salvos of SML or 16 squadrons
fighters what gives here is it something we are missing or.....maybe our
ships arent designed well any help would be appreciated 

Thanks in advance 


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