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Re: SG2 vehicles (was Re: Full Thrust...)

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 23:04:58 +0000
Subject: Re: SG2 vehicles (was Re: Full Thrust...)

>What scale would be suitable for 25mm gaming? 1/48 or 1/35 or...?

A lot of 1/48 vehicles can work well, as SF vehicles can be a bit larger
than contemporary ones and still look OK. We assume around 1/60 when we
designing the nominally "25mm" resin stuff, this scale fits well with
own figure sizes and the bigger "28mm" ones too. You can use some 1/35
kits to convert into REALLY big vehicles.

>I've also got a toy truck that I found somewhere, with a coat of paint
>bits added it looks very good.
>>	Hot Wheels toys makes a wierd six wheeled vehicle with a radar
dish. I
>> removed the dish built up the sides of the vehicle with card stock,
>>provided a
>> flat deck, cut card stock and folded it to provide egress doors for
>> infantry squad, added a round coupola and gun mount for the vehicle
>> and I have a nifty six-wheel APC (three of them now) From a Zodiac
>> in that rough scale I created a larger Hover APC for the armored
squad of
>> battle suits, another six wheel vehicle is a RAM arty SP guise and
>> with a multi-barrel gun mount provides AAA and CFS for the company. A
>> dozen infantry and six battle suit infantry and I have a well-rounded
>> StarGruntII company ready for the table.
>> Scott
>Very cool. I'm looking for some APCs for the rest of my company. The
>Minitank Marders are very nice, but a bit expensive for me to want to
>another eight or ten of them...I'll have a look thru the Hotwheels
>at a toy store sometime, and see what I can see.
>there's even less Science Fiction vehicles in 15mm scale than in 25, I
>think...Irregular makes some, but Irreg's quality is quite low often,
>their styling odd - I've got some of their 'star marines' in 15mm.
>Tabletop Miniatures makes half a dozen different vehicles, but I
>ordered any of their stuff yet. Aside from those two, 15mm SG2 players
>SOL. GZG had, 8 or 10 years ago, a couple of vehicles. I only know this
>because a friend has some catalogs of Jon's from that long ago - those
>vehicles are, I think, long out of production. (Jon, that's correct,

Yes, they are long out of production, and the old moulds are pretty shot
now. However, we still have the masters around in a box somewhere....
>Anyone else know of any other sources of 15mm vehicles for SciFi?
>WW2 and moderns ranges in 15, which could be modified, but what else?

I think a few of the old Laserburn and QT vehicles MAY still be
from Tabletop Miniatures in the UK, as mentioned above; don't know of
>Sometime soonish (in a month or so) I should get around to taking some
>gaming photos and posting them to my site, including photos of my sg2
>forces, and maybe an illustrated how-to article on how I make modern
>vehicles into SF ones.
> Brian (
>-- -- gaming & misc webpage

Jon (GZG)

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