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Re: [FT]Fleet composition

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <schoon@a...>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 08:30:55 -0800
Subject: Re: [FT]Fleet composition

Thomas Riepe <> wrote:


>Like how manny escorts do you use for Battleships, Dreadnoughts,
>Carriers, cruisers????

>I have got one super carrier , one esscort carrier, 3 Battleships,
>a few cruisers, about 10 Destroyers, 10 frigats, 15 corvettes,

Looking at your list, you seem to be quite heavy on the lighter units,
definitely short in the cruiser department.

Generally, fleets are limited to some arbitrary point value, and you
from there. Determining your ideal ship mix depends on your preferred
tactics, but generally...

Fleet Carriers - if you have a good grasp on fighter tactics and your
opponant is short in fighter defense, these can be ideal.

Light Carriers - these are generally more usefull in large actions,
rearming fighter might actually be an option before they're all blow to
scrap. Best used in conjunction with a large carrier.

Capital Ships - they can dish out and absorb a large amount of damage
remaining combat effective, and generally have the longest range

Cruisers - the good solid backbone of most fleets. They can hit fairly
hard, and aren't too fragile to go toe to toe with the enemy. They are
cheaper and more maeuverable than the big boys.

Escorts - fast but fragile. They can be the key to a close range knife
fight. When they get close, they can dish out an admirable amount of
damage, but they tend to die in bunches, so make that shot count. Good
maneuvering can keep them in the blind spot of an enemy's heavy hitters,
but you're bound to loose many of them on the way in.


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