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Re: [sg2] Non-lethal/riot weapons

From: "Colfox" <monty88@f...>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 23:10:45 -0600
Subject: Re: [sg2] Non-lethal/riot weapons

> From: Brian Burger <>
> To: FTGZG List <>
> Subject: [sg2] Non-lethal/riot weapons
> Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 2:35 PM
Brian Burger wrote:

> (I recall reading, somewhere, of Hungarians, during the 1956 Soviet
> invasion, putting soap on paved roads to destroy traction for all
> vehicles, including tanks. This strikes me as a bit unlikely, but you
> never know. Anyone else heard this one, or can confirm/deny it?)

Very true.  My source book on this is in storage right now, so I can't
quote it for you, but this did happen.

The one instance I remember was when the Soviets were attacking along a
road up a hill.  The Hungarians smeared grease, butter, oil, etc
slippery) on the curves of the road.  As the tanks lost traction, the
defenders would run out with molotov cocktails and take it out.

A very ingenious, valiant effort in a losing cause.

BTW, on a technical note, it wasn't the "Soviet invasion".  The Soviets
already been in control, but the Hungarians had revolted
successfully--largely because the local army forces were Hungarians and
joined the revolt rather than shoot on their own countrymen.  When the
came back in a few days later, the troops were asians.	After this, the
Sovs didn't use native troops for garrisons any more.


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