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Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare

From: "Phillip E. Pournelle" <pepourne@n...>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 17:39:44 -0800
Subject: Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare

     In the past I've posted some idea on how to simulate Electronic
Warfare, etc. in Full Thrust.
    Here is my current proposal :

   Civilian sensors: 1D4
   Basic Military sensor:  1D6
   Enhanced Military sensor: 1D8
   Superior Military sensor: 1D10

   To fire on a target, you must establish a lock on.  You cannot engage
the enemy ship with a weapon without getting a lock on first.  A
successfull lock on tells the scanner the speed of the enemy ship and
direction of travel as well as a fire control solution.  The Scanner
make a scan roll greater than that of the target in question to gain a
on.  If the scanners roll is two times that of the defenders roll then
gets an estimate of the Mass of the enemy ship rounded off to either
or lower  factor of ten(15 becomes 10 or 20, target owners choice).  If
Scanners roll is three times that of the defenders roll, the he knows
class type of ship being scanned, and must during the next turn will
if the enemy ship is changing velocity in what direction (course
change(left or right), speed change(faster or slower)) before writing
ships orders.  Four Times, he gains critical information (Flag Ship,
and knows the course and speed of the enemy ship before he writes his

Counter Measures:
   All Ships start of with 1D2 for the first 24 inches and shifts up one
die per 24 inches of distance between them.  Ships shift down one die
per 50 mass and up one die type for every 10 percent of mass devoted to
   Active Jamming systems get a die proportional to their quality type:
   Civilian Jammer: 1D4  (FuzzBuster)
   Basic Military Jammer:  1D6
   Enhanced Military Jammer: 1D8
   Superior Military Jammer: 1D10

   Active jamming creates a background that the scanner must beat in
addition to the targets die.  Therefore, ECM systems are a "Secondary
for target ships.  A Scanner would have to beat both dice to get a lock
 However, while active the enemy has an idea where the target is and
know a raid is on its way in.  Standard Missiles from More Thrust may be
fired on jamming ships using Home on Jam mode.	Self Jamming systems
for the ship they are operating on while barrage jammers protect ships
within six inches of the jamming ship.	Active Jamming is cheaper than
stealth but the enemy knows that you are on your way in.  Stealth ships
have the advantage of not alerting their foes.

 Therefore, a Mass 50 special ops ships with:
    Mass 50
    Thrust: 6		15 Mass 30%
    Aerodynamic hull:	 5 Mass 10%
    Stealth:		10 Mass 20%
    2 C Batteries:	 2 Mass  4%
    1 FC		 1 Mass  2%
    14 Mass of troops	16 Mass 32%

   Would start at a 1D6 defensive die at close range out to 24 inches
shift up one die for each 24 inches from there.

	While a Cloaker would have:
	Mass 50
	Thrust 6:		15 Mass 30%
	Stealth:		25 Mass 50%
	1 FC			 1 Mass  2%
	Weapons 	 9 Mass 18%
   Would start at a 1D12 defensive die at close range out to 24 inches.

 Weasel Boats.
	For each Mass devoted to Weasel  Systems a ship can "add" 20
Mass to its
apparent mass.	When an opponent is able to ask the mass of the ship add
the actual mass to the "Weasel" mass and round up to the nearest value
ten.  If a scanner rolls three times of higher than the defensive die of
weasel boat then the jig is up and the Weasel boat has to tell the
   All Stealth and/or ECM systems, including Weasel systems  cost 4 *

	Just to keep thing challenging for the stealth ships, all ships
spotted if they end their move within 6 inches of and enemy vessel. 
she blows!"

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto!

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