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Re: FT: Indy hits with many p-torps, history made!

From: "Noam R. Izenberg" <izenberg@j...>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 08:46:29 -0500
Subject: Re: FT: Indy hits with many p-torps, history made!

>Who said that it left Indy? Look carefully at his AAR and you'll
>see that it's assumed a different form altogether.

Sort of. My opinion is that both Indy and I are haunted by PSDs
(Probability Skew Demon).
My dice-gaiming history is a nasty array of 1's when I needed 6's and
vice versa.
When Indy and I met on the battle field, our respective demons cancelled
each other out.
Demons can be deceiving. Part of my decision _not_ to be the NAC was to
make sure that Indy had the
p-torps. I thought the'd be as useless to him as ADFC in a fighterless
missile-less game. I think
the only reason I won the second game despite major P-torp damage was
that I was playing well
armored, stronger hulled NSL ships - best defense against P-torps.

>I quote:
>> > And while the NAC ended up losing both encounters
>> > (the first one due to losing half the ships from reroll damage, the
>> > second from not being able to hit all that often with beam weapons
>> > early on),
>Indy will now want to design ships with lots of p-torps and armor
>and avoid beam weapons.  His opponents will now have excessive
>rerolls. (Can you say Yahtzee with sixes?)

And how. I had _at_least_ 4 multiple 6 (that is 3 6's or more) rerolls.
I think 5. Each one crippled
or wasted one of Indy's ships. He had at least 2, but one 7 pointer was
on a limping BC with 2 hull
and no systems left. There were no survivors. I've never been a big fan
of the reroll rule, since it
invariably worked against me. But now...

The questions remain: Were the demons exocrized? Were they simply
distracted? Where they procreaing?
Time will tell.

Thomas Barclay wrote:
> Oh, spake thusly upon matters weighty:
> Damn. That means the Malefic Probabilistic Skew Demon has been
> excorcised to once again seek a new victim upon whom to visit its
> psychic Heisenberg Unluck effect and on whom to feed..... I had hoped
> you would keep the Demon for now he may seek out other innocents far
> more easily demoralized by the unusually dismal luck this creature
> brings...
> .. Beware the Demon stalks..... where will it strike next.....
Mmmmaybe. If Indy's demon and mine got along, well, mayber there'll be
even more of them to go
around, so _everyone_ can have one.

These games with Indy were my first face-to-face games of FT - all the
others have been and are
electronic. I must say the feel of the in-person game is quite
different, and I like it alot.Indy
told me we'd ba able to finish the first game in an hour. We finished
the second one in two. That's
2 full games in the time it used to thake 1.5 turns in S*B. I will never
even look at that game


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