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Re: OT Re: STL travel

From: IronLimper@a...
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 17:34:34 EST
Subject: Re: OT Re: STL travel

In a message dated 98-11-01 03:34:55 EST,  Randy wrote:

>On the subject of "Gravitic" STL/FTL drives and interesting
> Anyone thought of using the "Fasset Drive" from the David Weber book,
> says it's soon to be a series too :) "Path of the Fury"?
> The FD is a "tame" black hole generated in front of a ship toward
which it
> "falls". It has an added advantage that it absorbs all incoming fire
> front arc of a ship, and the using ship can neither see or shoot
around it.
> Go fast enough as I recall, at the right distance from the sun and you
> "wormhole" out at FTL speeds. All around a great book and an
> for a drive.
> BTW: Though a freind and I discussed it, we never did get around to
> the FT2 "rear arc restriction" and playing but it would be an
> game.
> Randy

Yep. Check out my cheap'n cheezy "Path of the Fury" conversion on my web
below. It's a real challange with the skewed fire arcs to get someone in
sights and nail 'em. I've only played two games with this conversion, so
make no promises about their balance, but it can be a heck of a lot of
fun. I
realize they may not make a whole lot of sense, so if you have any
email me.


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