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RE: [SG2] [DS2] A list of questions on TOE and logistics

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 13:22:43 +1000
Subject: RE: [SG2] [DS2] A list of questions on TOE and logistics

OK, my input is really only relevant to UK/AUST/NZ

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From: Thomas Barclay []
Subject: [SG2] [DS2] A list of questions on TOE and logistics

>1. What level are Mobile Hospitals attached at? 

OZ has a Field Ambulance at Brigade level, but doesn't maintain a MASH
unit at all. Doctrinally it will be at Div level.

>2. How big is a typical Mobile Hospital unit? Someone got a breakdown 
>of staffing/vehicles?

OK, Fd Amb - talking doctrine - 125 pers, 30 Lt/Mdm vehs
Mech or Armd is larger around 170 pers, 25 A veh, 15 Lt/Mdm vehs

>3. In a modern setting, IFV crew are 
	A) part of the infantry unit they transport (each vehicle crew
	of a squad
Mech Inf - part of squad

	B) part of the infantry unit they transport as a separate
Support to Leg Inf - seperate - under command of squad leader whilst

	C) really not part of their unit, rather part of an attached 
	armoured unit under another OIC
As for B above

>4. Logistics people (not counting line infantry, snipers, medics, 
>combat vehicle crew, air defence, artillery, or engineers, but 
>includign mechanics, cooks, logistics, other trades, etc). 
	A) How many in an inf  platoon? (I suspect none)
Yep, none

	B) How many in an inf Company? (attached to Company?)
1 or 2 clerks, 2 or 3 Q store types

	C) How many in an inf Battalion? (attached to Battalion?)
How long is a piece of string? Admin Coy - perhaps 120 plus 30 Lt/Mdm

	D) How many in an inf Division? (attached to Division?)
Div Tpt Bn, 3 Fd Amb's, Dental Unit, Supply Bn, ElecMechEng Coy, Pay
MP Coy plus a Div HQ itself?????????

>I'm looking to figure how many men and how much equipment is in a 
>Division/Company/Platoon/Batallion for tranpsort reasons in FT. I 
>think I have the combat parts down (veh, air def, arty, eng, snipers, 
>ew, medics, and infantry) but I don't know about the other services 
>numbers. (and equipment)

>5) What percentage of unit mass represents a months operational 
>supplies (yes this is complex, but has anyone an idea of what would 
>be a good 'fudge' that we can use that is simple)? This would cover 
>food, fuel, medical supplies, spare parts, and any other operational 

Oh boy you asked for it.

These figures are for an Inf Div - all situations. This is the tonnage
day of all stores (POL, water rations, ammo). (This info is taken from
operational planning data)

Quick Attack - 625 Tonnes
Defence - 484 Tonnes
Advance/Pursuit - 402 Tonnes

As a comparison an Armd Bde reqs would be:

Quick Attack - 678 Tonnes
Defence - 584 Tonnes
Advance/Pursuit - 527 Tonnes

Bit of a difference!!!!

Tom, I really think you are going to become bogged down in numbers way
beyond playability IF YOU WANT A REALISTIC calculation for

Personally I get the impression you are approaching a simulation rather
a game here. Which is fine but I think you'll get a nasty shock at teh
size of the logistical tail.

As a final try using 38.5kg [OK, round to 40kg??] this planning data per
per day (calculated for a protracted period for a standard Inf Div).

Having said all this I'm not sure how you would convert this to CP in

Owen "where's my Abacus" Glover

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