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Re: [FT] Counter Railgun techniques....

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 18:23:18 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT] Counter Railgun techniques....

Wasserman, Kurt wrote:

> Los,
> Not that I am in favor of Kra'Vak dominance of the galaxy or anything
> <G>

Note that most ships don't have superior sensors so it's not tthat big a

> If we go with the idea that a railgun shot is really a number of
> hypervelocity projectiles, wouldn't it make more sense to apply the -1
> modifier to the damage roll? (or even -1 to the Net Damage?)	Each PDS
> hits would then degrade the incoming shot's damage since the PDS
> actually interfere with the targeting ship.

Sure that would work too. EXcept that it doesn't prevent Hits. Might
have to try
both flavors. I think I'd rather apply it to te to hit roll since damage
do full strength.

> On #3, I assume you mean each PDS "hit" on an incoming RG shot, eh?

yes. (That's against the to hit roll not the damage roll.

> On #4, I would allow the target to devote multiple PDS systems to RG
> interception. (provided that each PDS hit degrades RG damage and not
> modifies the RG "to hit" roll)

SO the player can say I'm dedicating three PDS to intercept. If he gets
and rolls three 6s it still only counts as one -1 to hit.

> Can the PDS also make an "area" defense roll or is it specifically for
> target?  Maybe if a ship with superior sensors and available PDS
systems are
> within 3MU of a target ship, it can make a shot(using a fire control,
> course) to defend...

I would say no but we'll have to playtest it.


> -=Kr'rt
> > ----------
> > From:	  Los[]
> > 1. The RG firer announces his fire. If it is in the Long range band
> > 18"), then....
> > 2. The target ship, if it has superior sensors can roll against the
> > with it's PDS. Once PDS battery may fire per railgun shot. On a 5,6
> > PDS intercpets at least some of the incoming armatures.
> > 3. When the firer rolls to hit. Every RG shot that was intercepted
> > appiles a -1 modifier to hit.
> > 4. The defender may not make multiple PDS rolls against a single RG.
> > 5. Any PDS used in counter RG fire is done firing for the turn.
> > 6. Supoerior sensors used in RG tracking capacity may not be used in
> > other non-RG sensing attempts for the turn.
> >
> > Notes:
> > A. I see RG shots as not one projectiles launched against a target
> > more likely a burst of armature like a machine-gun. Hense PDS only
> > degrades RG fire not necessarily stop it cold.
> >
> > B. A UN patrol cruiser stumbled across this technique during
> > II.
> >
> > C. This rule may be too strong or too lenient. I'll be monkeying
> > with it.
> >
> > Los
> >

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