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RE: [FT] Counter Railgun techniques....

From: "Wasserman, Kurt" <wasku01@m...>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 16:04:58 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] Counter Railgun techniques....


Not that I am in favor of Kra'Vak dominance of the galaxy or anything

If we go with the idea that a railgun shot is really a number of
hypervelocity projectiles, wouldn't it make more sense to apply the -1
modifier to the damage roll? (or even -1 to the Net Damage?)  Each PDS
hits would then degrade the incoming shot's damage since the PDS
actually interfere with the targeting ship.  

On #3, I assume you mean each PDS "hit" on an incoming RG shot, eh?

On #4, I would allow the target to devote multiple PDS systems to RG
interception. (provided that each PDS hit degrades RG damage and not
modifies the RG "to hit" roll)

I like that the technique is only usable after the slugs have travelled
distance and that superior sensors are required.  Makes sense.

Can the PDS also make an "area" defense roll or is it specifically for
target?  Maybe if a ship with superior sensors and available PDS systems
within 3MU of a target ship, it can make a shot(using a fire control, of
course) to defend...


> ----------
> From: 	Los[]
> 1. The RG firer announces his fire. If it is in the Long range band
> 18"), then....
> 2. The target ship, if it has superior sensors can roll against the
> with it's PDS. Once PDS battery may fire per railgun shot. On a 5,6
> PDS intercpets at least some of the incoming armatures.
> 3. When the firer rolls to hit. Every RG shot that was intercepted
> appiles a -1 modifier to hit.
> 4. The defender may not make multiple PDS rolls against a single RG.
> 5. Any PDS used in counter RG fire is done firing for the turn.
> 6. Supoerior sensors used in RG tracking capacity may not be used in
> other non-RG sensing attempts for the turn.
> Notes:
> A. I see RG shots as not one projectiles launched against a target but
> more likely a burst of armature like a machine-gun. Hense PDS only
> degrades RG fire not necessarily stop it cold.
> B. A UN patrol cruiser stumbled across this technique during HARBINGER
> II.
> C. This rule may be too strong or too lenient. I'll be monkeying
> with it.
> Los

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