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[FT] Ship names (NAC, NSL, FSE and Nea Rhomaioi)

From: Rob Paul <rpaul@w...>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 18:53:29 +0000
Subject: [FT] Ship names (NAC, NSL, FSE and Nea Rhomaioi)

A couple of thoughts on ship names:
In the GZG range, the NAC Battledreadnought is the "Excalibur" class,
modified from the "Avalon"; a distinctly Arthurian theme there. 
to the WRG book "Armies of the Dark Ages", Arthur had, amongst other
vessels named "Fairform" and "Grim Smiler".

Having finally sent off an order for some NSL GZG ships (NSL), and
Jon T. saying that the NSL has a strong Austro-Hungarian flavour, I
up my Conway's 1860-1905 for some names for them.  A BB has just GOT to
the "Erzherzogin Kronprinzessin Stefani", who I've mentioned before,
"Kaiser Max" for a Maximilian BC (or "Werner Voss" for a Richthofen
perhaps).  DDs ended up with German style numbers, but earlier had
names, which are rather nice.  

Round about the turn of the century, the French had numerous pretty DDs
named after weapons (including Claymore!), with Battleships named after
heroes (e.g. Brennus), battles (e.g. Magenta) or "principles" (e.g.
Liberte) and several large cruisers  named after literary figures (e.g.
Victor Hugo).

A final point, I know John A.s Romans speak Greek, but the thought
struck me
a while ago that some Japanese WW2 names translate nicely into Latin- eg
Hiryu becomes Draco Volans.  Also, the Italians (almost!) had a class of
very fast CLs, the "Capitani Romani" named for ancient Romans and in
character very "FSE"


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