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Re: [DS and SG] Regiments of the Crown

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 10:26:12 -0500
Subject: Re: [DS and SG] Regiments of the Crown

>> Given, but if your armour and weapons mean that (similar to the
>> British in various Zulu type scenarios, or some US Cavalry with
>Assuming your career subaltern lets the Engineer take command, of
>course.  :)

Why would he refuse?  We all know the Combat Engineers are "fully
combat troops" and if he was superior in rank, the career subaltern
be both legally and morally obligated to surrender authority...  :)

>> It'll end up like the Carl Gustav though.... you won't be able to get
>> really good with them because they'll be so damn expensive we won't
>> let you fire them.... (I've seen many an ex where the Carl Gustav was
>That's the beauty of it.  I was capable of operating the training
>simulator with five minutes instruction, and the guy who was there
>PFC from the 75th who was actually one of the half-dozen qualified
>Javelin instructors in the Army at the time) that basically the only
>difference is that with the real thing you have to remember to insert
>your earplugs.  It's practically idiot proof, and guides itself.

The key here is simulator training.  There aren't any good Carl G.
simulators.  The Javelin has very advanced simulators.	Sure, firing a
simulator won't be exactly the same as the real thing, but you can get a
lot of good training in, without the expense... 

>We'll buy it from you.  Or straight trade, American Cable stations for

We'd declare war over that Cable pollution.  Damnyanks!  Actually, a
war with the US would probably be good for Canada.  We could settle the
Quebec seperatist issue once and for all, and then have our economy
up like Japan and Germany...  I don't know about the culture thing

>John "Evil Cultural Imperialist[tm] Atkinson
>Evil Cultural Imperialist[tm] is a registered trademark of Francophones
>International and it's use here is not to be construed as a challenge

Breathing constitutes a challenge to some of them, if you aren't of the
correct persuasion politically...  like RABID

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