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Re: Cross Over from FT3 (Fleet Book) to DirtSide and StarGrunt

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 10:29:29 -0500
Subject: Re: Cross Over from FT3 (Fleet Book) to DirtSide and StarGrunt spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> IIRC, according to the section I wrote in MT, 1 man requires 4CP, the
> answer is 6 men in your 25CP. This figure assumes reasonable
> in cabins and communal areas. Compare it with the 1 man per CP in cold
> sleep. Please check the section in MT as I don't have my copy to hand.
> Mike Elliott (GZG)
It's a pity a CP isn't a CP isn't a CP (across the GZG spectrum)

What it looks like here is 
1 CP (SG2) = 4 CP (MT) =(roughly) 1 CP DS2
Or rather 
4 CP (MT) = 1 CP DS2 = 1 CP SG2

Now, this is an apples-oranges conversion because clearly the space
required by an infantryman awake in MT includes decking, living space
etc not resident in SG2 or DS2. Ergo, a more likely translation, for
CP to CP is 
1CP (MT) = 1 CP (DS2) = 1 CP SG2 (which is of course, the best!)

And the ratio given for the space taken up by vehicles inside other
vehicles in SG2 is I think something like 8 times size class or
something like that. So if this also holds true, Then in our
conversion, to pack an assault ship with cold sleep marines and with 
could hold 1 size class 3 vehicle or 25 marines in cold sleep per 
mass point devoted. Now, to have ships troops (whom you want awake to 
resist boarding), you'd be getting 6 guys per MP. And I'd assume PA 
(as usual) takes up twice the space (in cold sleep it is storage 
space, in the other case, it is area required to move about). So PA 
ships troops would be 3 per MP and PA cold sleep Marines would be 12 
per MP. 

So in order to lay down a platoon (assume 40 marines, 4 APCs), That 
would seem to take an assault ship of minimum capacity (cargo) of 6 
MP. To lay down a company (assume 200 marines if you include some 
support elements, and about 20 vehicles) would take about 28 MP. To 
lay down a battallion (assume about 750 marines (with support) and 
about 100 vehicles) would take about 130 MP. To lay down a 
regiment/division (assume about 3500 marines, and about 600 vehicles) 
would take about 740 MP. Now this assumes that we have organic air 
support from a carrier which provides aerospace fighters or other in 
atmosphere air cover, and that ortillery comes from somewhere too. 
This also doesn't include lander assets. So, it seems unlikely 
(unless someone builds a mass 2000 lander) that you'll land a whole 
division from one ship. But landing a battalion would probably 
require a streamlined lander of about 300 MP. If you don't want to 
use a streamlined lander and want shuttles, figure maybe 400 MP. 
That's a supership alright (I think?) but doable. Especially since it 
does not require expensive combat systems, just PDS and ECM and some 
C bats. Thrust can even be low. (Although armour is a good choice). 
And a platoon sized transport need only be in the 15-20 MP range. 
Ergo I think most large invasions would be carried out by company 
sized landers. (not talking about the intial breach to take out PDCs. 
That is drop troop and SF territory). 

Here is a question: If I have an FT ship landed, how does one resolve 
SG2 fire at the ship? What armour rating conversions exist or are 
appropriate? Is an armour 0 ship a particular armour value in SG2? 
And armour 1, 2, 3, etc. ? I'm thinking an armour 2 or 3 ship should 
be almost untouchable, unless we think of a single class 5 SG2 weapon 
as equivalent to a C Batt or something. Opinions? Formal rules based 

> "Andrew & Alex" <>
> 22/10/98 02:27
> Please respond to
> To:
> cc:	 (bcc: Mike Elliott/UK/BULL)
> Subject:  Re: Cross Over from FT3 (Fleet Book) to DirtSide and
> Thomas Barclay <> wrote:
> >25 points means I can hold one size 3 APC in a cargo point.
> >How many troops awake can I accomodate with a CP?
>     25 Capacity points in DSII can hold 6 infantry teams, with one
> spare. Each team is either 4-5 guys with small arms or 2-3 guys with a
> specialist weapon.
> >(assuming I need to travel with them).
>     There's that spare capacity point, just waiting for you! ;-)
> >How many in cold sleep?
>     How big is the cold sleep capsule? While the 25 Capacity points
> hold
> 6 teams of soldiers and their equipment, this is only while getting on
> and maneuvering on the battle field. It's pretty cramped in a
>     So, I would say that the 25 capacity points would be OK for 6
> teams for up to one day. For longer stays, assume that this is the
> sleep capacity. For long stays and in normal living conditions, I
> double (or triple) capacity requirements, say, 50 (or 100) capacity
> for 6 infantry teams.
>     I would agree with roughly 100 DSII points to 1 FT/MT/FB point as
> cost
> of manufacture.
> Andrew Martin
> Just my interpretation and keeping consistent between SG, DSII & FT.
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