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Re: Space carrier fighters, etc.

From: Jeff Lyon <jefflyon@m...>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:43:30 -0500
Subject: Re: Space carrier fighters, etc.

I put up the first draft of some of the campaign rules we are using at:


I've made a few minor changes to make it read better since then, but the
content is essentially the same.

In Don Hawthorne's original rules, repair and replenishment both
during the player's maintenance and production phase.  Since there are
to six combat phases between M&P phases, we decided that would be too
harsh.	We have assumed that paying for maintenance means paying for an
"invisible logistics pipeline" which would replenish expendable
and such.

So far we are requiring that repair of hull boxes wait until the
next maintenance phase.

The question we've run into is whether replacement fighters should be
treated as "expendable munitions" or "repairs" or whether replacements
should just be paid for.  For now, we are probably going to treat them
ships which are being repaired.

We had also talked about allowing both fighter squadrons and ground
to recover a portion of their casualties after battle, but have not
on that.  One suggestion was 1:2 recover rate.	I'm still curious what
mechanism you used for your SAR operations, Los.

The ground troop info refers to the Axis & Allies adaptation we are
for ground combat.  I'll put the rules for that up later.  It seem to
well enough and has a lot more meat to it than the original Imperium
combat system.	If one preferred to use DS2 or SG2 to game out ground
combat then it would probably be easy to work out a conversion factor.
Ground troops in Imperium cost 2 RUs (~50 FT points) for regulars or 3
elite Jump Troops.

We are not using the rule in Imperium that allows capital ships to carry
troops; we just couldn't seem to fit it in.

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