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Re: [FT] SML missiles

From: Jeff Lyon <jefflyon@m...>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 15:18:04 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT] SML missiles

Michael Johnson wrote:
>>I hope this question hasn't been asked already, but I've looked
through the
>>FAQ and didn't see anything on it.  My question is "Do SML systems
require a
>>fire control?".  This is not stated in the rules, at least as far as I
>>find.  I assumed they did.  However my worthy opponet just pointed out
>>it isn't stated that the SML system has to have a fire control?  Any
>>thoughts on this?

Jon Tuffley wrote:

>The "official" ruling is that the ship needs to have an operating
>available during the SML launch phase of the turn (just one
irrespective of
>how many salvoes are fired), but that firecon can then ALSO be used
>the main fire phase of the same turn to fire other weapons. This is
>a rule mechanism to avoid having to remember or record which firecons
>been "used up" from phase to phase.
>A ship that has lost all Firecon capability cannot fire SLMs (or any
>Jon (GZG)

And our group uses a house rule that if you dedicate one firecon per
for terminal guidance, then you can designate which ship is targeted
than relying on the "targets closest ship" rule.  That way, small
buckets which dump SMRs are a little less effective than big strike
cruisers with plenty of firecons available.  Also helps avoid the "swarm
scouts" defense.

Jeff Lyon

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