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[MISC/DSII] Rebellion

From: John Crimmins <johncrim@v...>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 00:02:50 -0400
Subject: [MISC/DSII] Rebellion

I was just looking at the Agents of Gaming page, and they have posted
pictures of the minis from their upcoming game "Rebeliion".  The figures
are apparently 10mm scale, and might be a bit big compared to your
DSII figures, but may actually be useful.  I'm not too fond of their
Mecha--the figures look...clumsy, like the more recent Partha
Battlemechs--but the tanks have potential.  I particularly like the
forces, which appear to be consist of farm and construction vehicles
have been pressed into service. If they can keep the prices at a
level, this might be worth looking into when/if it is released.

The page is at:

John X Crimmins
  " one of the secret masters of the world: a librarian.
They control information.  Don't ever piss one off."
  --Spider Robinson, The Callahan Touch.

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