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From: "John M. Atkinson" <john.m.atkinson@e...>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 21:42:05 -0700
Subject: 敒›婇⁇楆瑣潩썒璶䠠晡湥瀠㔮

Los wrote:

> The next chapter of the Röt Hafen story is up. It's called HARBINGER
and you
> can read it here: .

Outstanding work, like the rest of the Rot Hafen stuff.  You did whoops
once on a date--methinks you didn't really mean 1998.  :)

> In this section we see the first major clash of fleet units since the
> terrible ambush of Markmann's squadron on 6 July, 2193. (Note: This
> was actually fought at Historicon) Also the Special Forces have their
> full with the Kra'Vak

What rules were you using for the NAC Wild Weasel shown, and how did you
simulate the K'V being incompetent fighter pilots (or is that a
reflection of really bad dice rolls on the K'V's part at Historicon?) 
Also, how did you do the shuttle the 160th (ha, ha) uses to insert the
nuclear bomb techs?

John M. Atkinson

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