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Re: Silent Death minis [OT]

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 07:53:31 +0100
Subject: Re: Silent Death minis [OT]

>Jeff spake thusly upon matters weighty:
>> Confused now?  :)
><Frothing Rant Mode On>
>If anyone ever develops an "Intelligence Implant", I'd suggest some
>of the people at certain major games companies be the first
>candidates (well, maybe the second, after the software companies).
>It's a combination of this kind of idiocy and the poorest text
>editing (don't these guys ever even think of hiring a real copy
>editor?) that makes me cringe. AFAIK, SG2 only has a very small
>number of typos/errata, and to date, Jon hasn't done anything
>seriously brain dead (AFAICS) like re-releasing the same thing under
>a different name and serial number while releasing something else
>under the same name.... that it just plain dumb. I understand ICE,
>GW, etc all have to sell minis galore to keep the engine moving, but
>what part of that requires one to do dumb-arse things like
>renumbering and issuing something as something else?
>Mr. T, if you ever feel a temptation to do something like this,
>please resist. Add new things, sure. Fix things that are broke, fine.
>Upgrade systems to new versions. But don't lose track of what has
>been done before and how it has been numbered. But then, I strongly
>suspect that you have too large of a cranium to ever be employed at
>GW, ICE, TSR, etc.  (Thank God)
><Frothing Rant Mode Off>

I think there was a compliment in here somewhere, so thanks Tom!  :)
The only time we've been guilty of this  in any major way is that when
acquired all the rights to the CMD ranges (ie: the Future Wars vehicles)
couple of years ago, I made a decision to rename some of the FW vehicles
we reissued them (a process that still sadly isn't finished, due to too
much other stuff to do!); this was purely personal/aesthetic, as I just
didn't like some of the old designations/names.
As to Copy Editors, the sad fact is that it almost always comes down to
time, or lack thereof. Everybody has deadlines, and everybody overruns
(because Life, as someone once said, is what happens while you had other
plans...) - eventually you hit the deadline you CAN'T miss (like when
printer says "either it's on press tomorrow, or you've missed the window
and it can't be done for two months"), and that is when you just don't
the typos.
That is from the "little guy's" perspective (ie: us) - the big names
have to come up with their own excuses....  :)

Jon (GZG)
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