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RE: The Kra'Vak

From: Noah Doyle <nvdoyle@m...>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 00:57:47 -0500
Subject: RE: The Kra'Vak

John Atkinson wrote:

>You wrote: 

>>Er, John...That was me.  Sorry, Tony, I've got to claim the 
>>'surrender/switch' as my own :).  Anyway, no hard feelings - it's 
>difficult >to keep track of all of this sometimes.  And work still 
>progresses on the >'surrender/switch' Kra'Vak...

>One of you guys!  There's about 4 or 5 people I'm consulting to build 
>the NRE-verse, and I occasionally mix 'em up.	

>*Commits suicide in a loud and grotesque manner to atone for error of 
>my ways*

Ewwwww, John, all I wanted was a little creative acknowledgement, not
this mess all over the rug. ;)

Anyway, technically it's all GZG stuff anyway - hear that, Jon T.?  Good
ideas here, use 'em!

I like the berserk idea - gives them a fallback when everything goes
wrong.	more thoughts on that in another email...


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