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[SG2] Platoon Sergeants and Special Forces Troops

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 23:42:48 -0500
Subject: [SG2] Platoon Sergeants and Special Forces Troops

Platoon Sergeants
Treat them as 'individual figures'. That way they can roam the platoon
or attach themselves to squads. They have the Leadership ability. To
limit them somewhat, in any turn that the officer in charge loans one
activation, they may loan two. Otherwise, they may only loan one (for 
a total of three in any turn). If one or other is incapacitated, the 
other can loan two activations as normal. 

Special Forces
Grant Elite Special Forces troops special benefits. Squad Cohesion can
be over 3" from each other or 8" radius. As they react with less
hesitation to commands, and are trained for rapid movement and violent
assault, each Special Forces squad may be activated TWICE per turn
(maximum) by loaned activations as opposed to the normal limit of ONCE
per unit on normal units (This is a house rule I use to keep single 
units from leaving the rest of the table behind.... like they were 
on 'Roids...). As they are more capable of independent action without 
supervision, their command squad may manoevre while the unit 
commander (who is also squad commander) gives orders (activates 

Unit Commander		Unit May Also
loans:			Conduct:
2 actions		1 activation
1 action		2 activation
0 actions		2 activations

(Essentially, one free activation from officer without affecting the
capability of the command squad.) If Platoon Sergeants (as above) are
being used, then the PSM can loan an activation without detracting 
from his squads performance also. So in a SF detachment with two 
eight man squads, one led by a captain and one by the platoon 
sergeant (a warrant officer), both squads may activate normally, and 
then both the platoon sergeant and the officer can activate a squad 
once more. 

For scenario purposes, SF troops should be less likely to become
fatigued (they are better at managing their energy), recover morale
levels more quickly than other units, move faster over route marches,
and will tend to have (in any team of 4) 1 medic (far better than the
average medic +2 to wound resolution rolls), 1 explosives expert, 1
weapons expert (could be sniper, could be heavy weapons), 1 comms guy
(can handle EW or Comms). All will be trained in explosive, most small
arms, escape and evasion, small unit tactics, forward observer, laser
designation, some will be trained in riverine craft, aerospace or space
craft, rail operations, crypto, drop capsule or grav chute operation,
scuba, zero G combat, sniper, nuclear demolitions, horsemanship, etc.
etc. - the list of possible skills is huge. These troopers will be
extremely valuable to their forces and should be rated (for victory
points) at at least a 2:1 value with normal veteran or elite troops.
Possibly 3:1.

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