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(SG2) Alternative Interpretation of Leadership

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 23:28:27 -0500
Subject: (SG2) Alternative Interpretation of Leadership

Alternative Leadership (Activations by Leader Level):
Leadership in SG2 affects confidence checks, but it doesn't seem to
affect the ability to command (which, you might think, it should). An
alternative way to represent this is to assign the number of activations
that can be loaned per turn by an officer. 

# activations which can be loaned per turn: 4 - Ldr Rating. 
So, a Ldr 1 could loan 3, a Ldr 2 could loan 2 (normal), and a Ldr
3 could loan only 1. In effect, a Ldr 3 just can't focus or organize
well enough to successfully loan two activations. As a consolation, if
he fails the first time, he may use his second action to try again. If
he succeeds the first time, he can use his second action for something
else. In the case of a Ldr 1, he can always try loan 1 activation, even
if he executes 2 other actions (it's a bonus). If he executes 1 action,
he can try to loan two activations. If he doesn't do anything else, he
can try to loan 3. 

This makes good officers not only good for morale, but good at command
functions and worth NOT losing. Especially if you get a Ldr 3

With Platoon Sergeants in Play:
If my alternative house rule on Platoon Sergeants is in play, the
following modification to it is made under this scheme: In order to
calculate the number of loaned activations possible for the Platoon
Sergeant and the Officer together, calculate based on the highest

Thus, a Ldr 1 Officer doesn't gain much from a good NCO (except a good
backup if he is rendered hors de combat). A Ldr 2 officer might gain,
but only if his PSgt is Ldr 1, and a Ldr 3 officer fresh out of ROTC
would gain even with an average Ldr 2 PSgt. If he has a Ldr 1 PSgt to
look out for him, he is blessed (as is his squad). 

Out of the total available to the PSgt and Officer, each may use a
maximum determined by his own leadership (4-Ldr). 

So, for example, lets say we have a Ldr 3 Officer fresh from ROTC and
green as grass and a crusty old senior warrant as PSgt (Ldr 1). The
total activations available for a turn are calculated from the higher
leadership (Ldr 1) and are therefore three. The maximum number of those
usable by the kind of panicky and lost new Officer is 1 (4 - his
leadership of 3) and the Platoon Sergeant can use up to (4 - his
leadership of 1) which is 3, provided the Officer doesn't use his one.
If the Officer uses his one attempt to loan an activation, the Platoon
Sergeant can only make two attempts (an hope the Officer isn't busy
screwing up and getting HIS Platoon in trouble....)

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