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Re: [DS2] unit status sheet

From: Mike.Elliott@b...
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 12:38:06 +0100
Subject: Re: [DS2] unit status sheet

You will still need some way of keeping track of which units have
so far this turn.

Mike Elliott (GZG)

"Alex & Andrew" <>
06/10/98 10:38

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Subject:  Re: [DS2] unit status sheet

David <> wrote:
>Great rules but the counters do get in the way.  Has anybody made up
>a unit status sheet where you can check off the units morale and
>quality can keep the table free?  David
    I haven't seen one. Try this. When you make up your list of units,
a space to the side of the paper and place them there. Alternatively,
that all your units are of one quality and leader ship, that way you
need a quality/leadership counter. You can get rid of the confidence
by assuming that all units start off at "CO" or confident. Only place
confidence markers when the unit changes from "CO" and still exists.

Andrew Martin
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