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(FT) Kra'Vak Name Scheme

From: Steven Arrowsmith <arrowjr@u...>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 22:17:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: (FT) Kra'Vak Name Scheme

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, chadtaylor wrote:


(as soon as I can make up some 'Kra'Vak' sounding names).   

<Big Snip>

Here is the name scheme, we use.

First Half:

RA  =  Little, Small
VA  =  Heavy, Large
VO  =  Lurker
LU  =  Sneak, Hider
KA =  Raider, Thief
DA =  Fast One, Swift One
DI =  Little Death
SI =  Rover, Walker
KR =  Person (s)
TI =  Battle, War
KO =  Assault, Attack
LO =  Great Death
YU =  King, Ruler
DO =  Follower

Opitional third letter;

A = Of
O = From
I = On
U = To

Second Half:

First letter;

S =  Sliver
D =  Deadly
T =  Dark
K =  Armoured
B =  Silent
V =  Sorrow

Second & Third letter;

AK	=  Flyer
EK,OK	=  Ship, Boat
AS	=  Landmass, Mountain
OL	=  Monster
AN	=  Mother, of Mother


Ra'San fighters =  Light Sliver of Mother
Va'San fighter =  Heavy Sliver of Mother
Lu'Dak Intruder =  Sneak Deadly Flyer
Ka'Tak Striker	= Raider Dark Flyer
Da'Kak Frigate =  Swift one Armoured Flyer
Di'Tok Destroyer =  Little death Dark Ship
Vo'Bok Hunter Cruiser = Lurker Silent Ship
Si'Tek Patrol Cruiser = Rover Dark Ship
Va'Dok Heavy Cruiser =	Heavy Deadly Ship
Ti'Dak BattleCruiser = War Deadly Flyer
Ko'Vol Battleship =  Attack Sorrow Monster
Lo'Vok BattleDreadnought =  Great death Sorrow Ship
Yu'Kas SuperDreadnought =  Ruler Armoured Mountain
Ko'San Fleet Carrier =	Attack Sliver Mother
Do'San Tactial Carrier =  Follower Sliver Mother

Ok, I am not a English Major, so don't flamme me because it doesn't
known rules.

Steven Arrowsmith

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