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Re: Stargrunt WWII conversion

From: Kenneth Winland <kwinland@c...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 15:01:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Stargrunt WWII conversion


On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, John Atkinson wrote:

> Does everyone else pull chits at random from the entire collection 
> provided?  I don't throw yellow ones into the mix unless it's a 
> non-military force on the board--I figure street cops _might_ be so 
> inexperienced in firefights as to pull those.  Or not, if from Beirut,

> or Belfast.  :) Mobs certaintly would count as this, as would Iranian 
> or Iraqi militia.  Red chits don't show up unless we're dealing with 
> elements of a truly elite force--Rangers, 307th Engineers, SAS,
> Legion Paras, Green Beanies, etc.  And I weight the chits for other 
> forces.  For example, militia batallions not only have crappy 
> equipment, they pick from green and regular chits only.  Regulars from

> good quality formations with combat experience and/or superb training 
> (i.e., my Tagmatic troops, Waffen-SS, 3rd Army in WWII, US/UK troops
> Desert Storm) pick from only regular and veteran chits, etc.	

	Same thing here!

	For most of our games we stick to vets, regs, and greens.  I
used yellow a few times only when playing untrained/poorly trained
insurgents, although I am looking forward to a game of Korean Student
Demonstrators Versus ROC Marines... :)

	If it is a 4 squad platoon, then we may have 6-8 blue chits
1-3), 1-3 vet chits (rated 1-3), and 1-2 green chits (1-3).  The green
would simulate guys just out of Boot with no combat experience.  This is
for 'pick-up' or general games.  If the scenario has specific
then we choose from weighted chit pools (a 'spec foreces' mission would
choose from elite/vet pools, etc.)

	Quality is important (duh!), but I have been discovering, in my
albeit slow fashion, that leadership is REALLY important, especially in
the realm of arty and rallying.  Anyone else with similar experiences? 
have gotten away with having platoon or company commands with being
(90-day wonder Liuetenants, anyone?), but that '3' is a *killer*...



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