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Re: Simple is good

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:51:29 -0500
Subject: Re: Simple is good

Jeff spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> When I first joined, I asked if they ever played DS2.  Most of the
> criticisms of it and SG seemed boil down to "too many fiddly bits."
> Anything where you can write the relevant rules on the back of an
> card and finish a game (or two) in an afternoon is a hit.

Wow. Although most of the guys I game with like to finish a game, if 
the game is too simplistic, they can't be bothered. They find it more 
a waste of their time to play something that doesn't give them the 
right (to their mind) feel and complexity. I can't imagine us playing 
a game where the rules fit on an index card. 
> I own both of the FMA games and like their content, but don't really
> for their mechanics.	I'd like to see the chits and n-sided die column
> shifts replaced by the "fists full of six-siders" mechanic you see in
> and Charlie Company.

Why do you prefer ten zillion six siders to say a d1000? And it sure 
isn't better than the die levels Jon has worked out for Stargrunt.  I 
don't necessarily see that using a bunch of d6s is an improvement. It 
works for FT, but I don't see it working well for SG2.	

> (For those of you who've never seen/played it:  Charlie Company is a
> squad-based Vietnam RPG/skirmish game.  Base fire power is one die for
> every rifle, two or more for larger weapons.	Fire is squad versus
> squad(s).  Modifiers can halve or double the number of dice rolled and
> cumulative.  Sixes hit.  Then you roll to see which troopers of the
> squads are hit and whether they are wounded or killed.

Seems (on the surface) like a lot of dice are rolled here too (moreso 
because of the way you conduct fire combat). 

  Good points: Quick
> and simple, easy to learn.  

Bad points: Simple. That one cuts both ways. 

GM keeps everything moving along and reduces
> rules squabbles.

Doesn't sound like there is a lot to squabble over. Now, mind you, 
put two gamers in an empty room and they could still squabble...

  Bad points: It is locked into the GM-controlled RPG
> format.  While that works very well for ambush scenarios and other
> fog-of-war situations, it lacks the team vs. team aspects that I like
> most other games.)

And it sounds like it lacks a higher level organizational aspect. I 
think the command rules are part of what makes SG2 a good game. To 
often I've seen games where command is not represented as 
significant. Nor troop quality. SG2 does this (IMHO) very well. That 
make all the difference in the real world, I'd guess. 

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