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Re: RopeCon 98 Report

From: "Tom Sullivan" <starkfist@h...>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:27:30 PDT
Subject: Re: RopeCon 98 Report

>Sky Galleons was close to ideal con game in my mind, because:
>- I could explain ALL the necessary rules in 10 minutes or less
>- It could accommodate many players without needing any special rules,
>  and players could come and go
>- It's something DIFFERENT, and most importantly, it LOOKS different,
>  from a DISTANCE (eg. even though SG2 works rather differently, it
>  doesn't really LOOK that different from the dozens of other SciFi
>  skirmish games)
>Ok, why didn't I run a GZG game?
> First of all, see above: The first ideal rules out DS2 and SG2. Ok, 
>leaves FT. FT could be a good con game, but:
> - I had not promised to run it. No obligations.
> - I had a green felt on my table
> - My table was too narrow (last year I had bad experiences with ships
>   flying off the table)
> - I didn't have any new ship sheets ready :-(
> (Mikko Kurki-Suonio)

Heretical though it may be, I am forced to agree.  Much though I love 
DSII and SGII, I have found that the ideal game to run for Shows and 
shop demos is Demonblade's Shock force--it's cheap, quick, and very 
simple.  Even the dimmest bulbs in our gaming group have mastered the 
rules of Shock Force after playing our first game, while DSII and 
SGII...manage to elude most of them.  It doesn't help that we can play a

game with some 90 25mm figure in half the time it takes to play an SGII 
game with half the number of troops.  It's depressing!	I'm hoping that 
I will have more time to spend on promoting the GZG games now, but FT is

the only one that has really caught on in my gaming group.  What makes 
matter worse is that, if I want to play SGII or DSII I have to run the 
game!  Which generally precludes playing.  I'm the only one who really 
knows the systems, or cares enough to do a scenario....

Tom Sullivan
"No, need for apologies.  I wasn't using THAT lung, anyway."

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