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Re: SG2 Vehicle Questions

From: carlparl@j... (Carl J Parlagreco)
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 20:08:38 -0400
Subject: Re: SG2 Vehicle Questions

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998 21:59:19 -0500 Thomas Barclay
<> writes:
>Glover, spake thusly upon matters weighty: 
>> I guess this sort of discussion can go on for ages with all parties
>> hammering their own points.
>Heh. Nothing new there though is there? 
>> The only time it has fallen down is when we did have a large number 
>> tanks on each side and as Jon T said these would really have been
>> engaging each other at 2 to 3 Km instead of the 400 to 700m on the
>> gaming table.
Personally, I think the largest number of tanks should be four--three on
one side and one on the other. But then, I'm becoming obsesses with
gaming "Kelly's Heroes" in 25mm. :-)

>I'm not saying one prefers to do this. Lets just say Paul was going 
>somewhere in his vehicle, and discovered he was engaged by enemies 
>(or about to be) but there was cover or support or whatever a half 
>klick away? Would he gun the motor and hope to not hit a tree stump? 
>I'm sure he would. I was just making the point that this is hard to 
>do. And in some backgrounds (lets say I'm using a grav vehicle and 
>am hovering 7 feet up, over most low obstructions, and my grav tank 
>can accelerate to 250kph - or more - a la Traveller or the like), you 
>may want to let vehicles move quickly. If I have the capability for 
>my grav tank (esp if he's coming on-board as reinforcements) to reach 
>the sharp end in 1 move or in an average of 4, I'll tell you which I 
>might opt for. (grin). Anyway, I think it depends on your setting. I 
>noticed in the large campaign you are involved in, there are some 
>special movement rules for ground forces... :)

Well, how about this, then. If we're assuming a StarGrunt game is just
part of a bigger battle, if a tank actually has to go to faster speed to
get out of harm's way, it's probably going to run off the board pretty
quickly. If that does happen, it will probably get involved in another
part of the battle. Maybe have it in the victory conditions where if the
tank does this (basically "disengages" from the tabletop battle), it
cost its owner some victory points, but not as many as if it were
destroyed. So the controlling player can decide when to risk keeping it
on the table, and when to run away.

Just a humble suggestion, which is mostly for rationalizing the problem
away. :-)

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