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RE: New Fighter Types

From: "BEST, David" <dbest@s...>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:57:23 -0400
Subject: RE: New Fighter Types

According to JMS's The Official Guide to Babylon 5 CD the thunderbolts 
are much faster and more manoeuvreable than Starfuries as well. 
 However I don't fully trust everything they say since they have the 
Omegas and Hyperions armed with Plasma Pulse Cannon instead of lasers 
and give the Primus 4 Heavy Lasers and 2 Twin Particle Cannons (which 
is what I believe B5 Wars gives them).	Both of those sources also say 
the Primus's only weakness is the lack of fighter bays. It also says 
the Hyperion has 6 fighters ( I reduce them to 1 fighter group but 
give them jump engines).  Also according to the book Mr. Garibaldi's 
Security Manual (or something like that) B5's 4 fighter wings 
(squadrons) contain up to 15 fighters although I believe the original 
B5 entertainment CD said 12.  One other little B5  ship tidbit is that 
I watched again the episode where ISN is on the station during the 
Narn-Centauri  war and a Primus and G'Quan go at it.  The G'Guan 
actually fired it's lasers to the starboard side.  Based on the 
location of the laser barrels though I would treat this as a mistake 
and just have them fire forward.

David Best

> is it much better than a Starfury? It is larger, more expensive and 
> atmosphere capable but it is the stramlining that makes it larger 
> dearer, compromising it in the dogfighting role. So in space combat 
> should function at best just like a Starfury.

It also carries a *much* heavier weapon (streams of plasma balls 
than one couple at a time, plus bomb/missile hardpoints) than the
Starfury, making it more likely to take tthings it shoots at out.

> I wonder how difficult it would be to add a longer nose to the UNSC
> Tiger fighter?

Not that hard to do with a pin vice, some fine wire and putty. And a 
of patience :-/


Oerjan Ohlson

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  What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
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