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Re: 15mm figures. - and a Question of Composition

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:47:51 -0500
Subject: Re: 15mm figures. - and a Question of Composition

Ground spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> In the UK we use a very low-lead (and high-tin) mix - less than 5%
> This gives a hard, shiny casting, though still with enough
malleability to
> work with. Eureka use a much higher lead alloy , hence the matt
> The metal we use is relatively expensive, but good to cast and work
> and looks nice - we could drop to the much cheaper high-lead grades
> actually save ourselves on cost, but we like the present results and
> the customers do to.

Hmm, I assume that wasn't a backhand at Nic since I'm thinking the 
Eureka figs use a higher lead grade? From what I observed, the detail 
on the OU guys was really good too, and the material (unprimed) seems 
to take paint better than an unprimed guy done with your high-tin 
mix. Mind you, you shouldn't be painting them unprimed. But I did 
notice that Nic's shipment had some bent rifle barrells, and my 
Whalers were bent, but they straightened very well without breaking 
perhaps because they were so malleable (Nic told me they tended to 
be able to bend and straighten three or four times without breaking). 
In contrast, my kneeling merc lost a tip of his assault shotgun 
perhaps because the harder compound doesn't recover as well from 
bending. (Or maybe it was just luck, thats more than possible - or 
I'm ham fisted). It's just interesting to note the difference. When 
primed, with all little bits straightened without breaking, both 
paint up well and provide an excellent level of detail. I'm most 
impressed by how much detail, and how little flash your figures seem 
to have and how little cleanup is necessary. That speaks well of both 
the sculptors, the process used, and your quality control. 

Now if only I can persuade you the NAC needs a Piper figure (good for 
morale, bad for enemy morale) and some modern Scots with Advanced ARs 
and Kilts.... 

Aut Augere Au Mori!		(Variously rendered, but Victory or
Death seems 
a popular interpretation). (My Clan Motto). 

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