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RE: SG2 Vehicle Questions

From: Gary Kett <gkett@a...>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 02:30:18 -0400
Subject: RE: SG2 Vehicle Questions

>	Obviously some simplification was necessary for game balance. 
>does come close to "reality" (whatever that is) as vehicles in a combat
>zone do not go anywhere NEAR their published speeds, as terrain, enemy
>fire, and tactics dictate a more sober approach.
Of course. However, it should be "threat" that dictates the movement not
rule limitation. If some one wishes to zoom his vehicle across the
field he places it in risk of been hit by any anti tank weapon that
him. I am not advocating that people start throwing tanks all over the
table. Tanks don't normally drive around by themselves, they are in
Unless you wish to fight tank units then they will not be there.
tanks are not the only vehicle in existence, and it is these I am
about. Support Vehicles, etc. 

>	In our regular game, two of our players have military experience
>(Toronto Scottish, back when they were Recon, and PPCLI).  In our
>irregular group (we only get together 3-5 times a year), there is a US
>Captain and an ex-Canadian armour Lt.	They all love SGII, and if NONE
>them bat an eyelash at the vehicle system, it must be OK <g>.	The only
>thing they would like is a better 'overwatch' system.
>	Ken
>Please do not try to justify things just because someone has military
service. I have have a long service record in the Infantry (although
reserve) and completing a masters in War Studies at the Royal Military
College of Canada. Though these are nice and all, I do not consider that
they prove I am any more the athourity on warfare in 2185 or whatever
future date, than the next guy playing this game. All this experince is
great and will add to discussions and may even help in upgrades to the
but it is not the word of God. There is always something we don't know,
will be surprised at. If people are happy with the way the rules stand
that's great. I am not writing this to stop them from playing the way
like. I just want to see if there are any ideas on how to make the game
smooth the way I would like.


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