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Re: GZG-ICQ online chat

From: tom.anderson@a...
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 15:40:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: GZG-ICQ online chat

Right! that's enough of that ...

> It starts up with the browser, so it looks for all the world
> like the same app. No playing around, it all happens behind the

ICQ - that half-backsided commercial big-brother excuse for a

ICQ is easier to use. might i - in the way pioneered by Paddy Ashdown
and subsequently ripped off by Tony Blair - propose a Third Way? amble
over to

where you will find a Java applet which plugs you in to a chat server
with all the smoothness you might expect of ICQ - just load the page,
type a nickname, hit the button and bob's your uncle. you should read my
Columo-style note on nicknames, though. people not belonging to the xoom
family (motto: join uuussss ...) need to be a bit careful with

apologies to those without Java; i think it is possible to connect to
this with IRC but i'm not sure yet; mail me if you would like me to find

anyway, that's the technology; see if you can work it. i'm not much of a
chatter, so someone else might want to take control of organisation - Mr
Ford, perhaps?


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