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Re: GZG-ICQ online chat

From: agoodall@s... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 01:59:10 GMT
Subject: Re: GZG-ICQ online chat

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998 12:36:19 +0300 (EEST), Mikko Kurki-Suonio
<> wrote:

>I hate to point this out, but you neglected to answer my specific

Oops, sorry.

>- Is there a Unix client for ICQ?

There isn't one listed on the web site ( However,
are Java, Windows 95, WinNT, Win3.11, Windows CE, and Mac versions.

>  - Non-X-windows client?

Only if you include the Java version.

>    - Will there ever be (is it an open standard?)

No idea. Probably not an open standard, unless you count the Java

>- Is there a server in Europe?
>  - Scandinavia?

I'm not sure how ICQ works with respect to servers. I suspect that the
are only repositories for IP addresses of various users and that you
actually log on to a server to use ICQ. Certainly there's no logging in
anything like that. I did check and there are several Scandinavian ICQ
lists. One for Finland, 7 for Denmark, I think 7 for Sweden, etc. So,
are ICQ users in Scandinavia.

Allan Goodall

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